Grower Self-assessment Workbook

Workbook Sections

The New York Guide to Sustainable Viticulture Practices Grower Self-assessment Workbook is posted here in pdf files.

Introductory Sections – includes the title pages, table of contents, introduction, collaboration with the AEM Program, Steering Committee members, preface, acknowledgments, ‘how to use this workbook’, and an example question.

Soil Management – 25 questions on topics including preplant site preparation (drainage, soil testing, amendments, soil conservation practices), cover crops, organic matter, leaching and runoff.

Nutrition Management – 20 questions on topics including macro- and micronutrient use efficiency (with a concentration on nitrogen) and fertilizer storage.

Vineyard Management – 18 questions on topics including canopy management practices (leading to high quality fruit and reduced disease pressure) and yield management.

Irrigation Management – 8 questions on topics including system design and maintenance and water use efficiency.

Weed Management – 12 questions on topics including post- versus pre-emergent herbicides and herbicide application practices.

Pest Management – 27 questions on topics including scouting, economic thresholds, and adapting disease management programs to variety, climatic conditions and periods of vine susceptibility.

Pesticide Management – 18 questions on topics including the safe mixing, loading and storage of pesticides on the farm.

Continuing Education – 6 questions on topics including participation in meetings and the possession of viticultural reference material.

References – a list of pertinent publications.

Score Sheet – an 8-page score sheet on which to record your self-assessment for each question.  Score can also be recorded in the ‘Your Rank’ column next to each question within the sections.