Grower Self-assessment Workbook

How to use the workbook

Workbook Scoresheet

This workbook contains 134 questions in 8 sections.  The questions address issues or practices that are important to good vineyard management.  Each question is followed by 4 options ordered on a sustainable scale, with “1” being the most desired (i.e. most sustainable) option and “4” being the least.  The questions are designed to help you evaluate all areas of your current management practices, with each chapter covering a different production area.  A sample question is presented here.

Questions are often followed by a short sidebar designed to further explain the rationale behind the promoted practices and provide additional resources related to the topics.  When reading through the possible answer options, we recommend starting at option #4 and moving toward option #1, choosing the option that your current practice fully encompasses.  If you find that your present practice comprises part, but not all, of an answer, choose the higher score.  For instance, if you presently perform only two of the three practices necessary to assess yourself a score of “2” on a certain question, score yourself a “3” on that question.  Your scores will provide a baseline from which to develop an action plan and assess improvement after implementation of your plan.  It’s important to note that this is not a test, and there are no wrong answers.  Simply choose the answer that best describes what you do.  In answering the questions, it may be helpful to think of a particular vineyard block rather than a range of different blocks and varieties.  We recognize that different varieties may require different management approaches.

Some of the questions in the workbook may not be applicable to your farm, so you can skip the questions that don’t apply to you and mark ‘NA’ on the score sheet.  Canopy management questions applicable to vinifera grapes, for example, will not be applicable to Concord production.  Similarly, if you don’t use irrigation, you can skip the irrigation section.

A score sheet is provided for you to record your responses to the questions.  Action plan development follows the completion of the self-assessment workbook.