Promoted Practices

Vineyard ManagementVineBalance promotes the adoption of best management practices that increase the sustainability of grape production throughout the state.

New York’s cool-climate viticulture faces a diversity of challenges including variations in soil type, winter weather, disease and pest pressures, and varieties grown.  Each production region is unique: Long Island is characterized by sandy soils, mild winters and exclusively vinifera varieties; the Lake Erie Region possesses gravelly loam and clay soils and primarily bulk juice and wine grapes; and the Finger Lakes Region has a mix of native, hybrid and vinifera varieties grown predominantly in clay and gravel soils along the steep slopes of the lakes. 

VineBalance addresses this diversity through its 134-question grower self-assessment workbook and subsequent action plan development.  The main issues covered include:

More specifically, the program promotes individual practices such as:

Soils and Nutrients

Vineyard Floor and Water Management

Viticulture/Canopy Management

Integrated Pest Management

Pesticide Management