VineBalance Grower Participation


As of early June 2008, 75 growers have completed the self-assessment workbook through our outreach, and an additional 22 have purchased the workbook on their own. 

The 75 growers manage a total of 6,560 acres. 

By region, the 75 growers include:

Twenty-three of the 75 participating growers have developed an action plan, and these action plans detail a total of 445 specific proposed practice modifications (about 13 per action plan).  These practice modifications include:

Forty-eight of the 445 proposed actions have been complete by the growers, and this number should steadily increase as growers reach and pass the one year post-action plan development mark.

Our goal for 2008 is to have 100 growers participating in VineBalance by the end of the year.