Grower Self-assessment Workbook

Action Plans

Upon completion of the workbook, the next step is to develop an action plan based on the results of your self-assessment.  The plan will address the practices that you believe you can effectively modify within the financial and management capacity of your farm.  Concentrate on the issues that you assessed as a ‘three’ or ‘four’, with the goal of reaching the more sustainable ‘one’ or ‘two’ rating for that practice.  If there are practices that you assessed a ‘two’ that you feel you can easily climb to a ‘one’, include those as well.  The action plan is yours, and only you will know what is practical and possible on your farm.

Sustainable Viticulture Action Plan

The Action Plan Template includes an example of a practice to be modified.  All of the practices that you assessed a ‘three’ or ‘four’ should be listed on the template.  For each potential action in your action plan, you must:

  1. Decide if you want to take action on that specific practice (Action Y/N)
  2. Determine what you want to do in regard to that action (Goals)
  3. Organize your steps along the road to adoption of the modified practice (Action Steps)
  4. Provide a timeline for completion (Timetable).

The template also contains space for the completion dates of your action steps as well as space for any pertinent notes regarding your proposed action.  It is important that your action plan details all of this information in order to fulfill the requirements for potential cost-sharing opportunities with your Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices.  The second page of the action plan template is left blank and can be photocopied as necessary to include all of the practices that you assessed a ‘three’ or ‘four’.

Extension personnel from your regional grape program can provide assistance, and your local SWCD office is equipped to aid action plan development and educate you on possible cost-sharing opportunities for actions in your plan.  After you have completed the workbook and are prepared to construct an action plan, contact your grape and SWCD programs to take advantage of the guidance available to you.