Grower Self-assessment Workbook

About the workbook

Sustainable Viticulture WorkbookThe New York Guide to Sustainable Viticulture Practices Grower Self-assessment Workbook is designed to both document sustainable grape growing practices already in place and promote sustainable practices throughout the industry.  The workbook addresses specific production practices growers use to manage soil resources, vine growth, and vineyard pests to educate them about sustainable options for accomplishing these tasks.  By comparing their current practices with examples provided in the workbook, growers can both assess and discover ways to improve their sustainability.  The self-assessment from the grower provides a baseline for modifications detailed in an action plan drawn up after completing the workbook.

Please note that this workbook is not a production guide.  Managing vineyards is a complex enterprise involving numerous site and variety-specific practices and weather conditions, along with skill and experience in making decisions.  Not all questions will apply to your vineyard, nor are the options listed for management the only possible solutions.  You are the person most familiar with your site and most suited to deciding what is applicable to your situation.

Hard copy versions of the VineBalance grower self-assessment workbook can be purchased online